Pack offers materials and resources to ensure your bicycle has a safe trip to and from any destination. To begin, first select your preferred packing method.

Packing Methods

Pack Your Bike Like A Pro

Follow these four essential steps to help your bike arrive at its destination safely:

  1. Plan

    Decide what you’re taking and know the package guidelines for dimensions, size and weight.

  2. Prepare

    Properly pad, protect and organize your bike’s frame and components in your case or box. Check out our Photo Library for examples and tips.

  3. Secure

    Your bike case or box will be subject to natural vibration and may be laid on its side during transit. Use proper cushioning, strapping, and stretch wrapping to keep contents safely fixed in place while en route.

  4. Ship

    Seal your case and apply your labels correctly to ensure your bike arrives on time and intact.

Want more information?

Check out our more detailed bicycle packing guide.

Need Packing Supplies?

Shops are the best place to get used boxes and case. We also sell bike travel cases and tools in our shop.

Hire A Pro To Pack Your Bike

We can point you in the direction of bicycle and sport shops with specialized packing expertise. Look for our Top Shop seal near those shops that have signed a pledge to pack your bike as well or better than a new bike coming from the manufacturer.

Enter your country and ZIP code to find top bicycle and triathlon shops near you.