Our Pack Ship Ride Approach looks holistically at all of the touchpoints of the bike shipping process to offer a better way to transport your bike. It is more than just a discount shipping label, think of it as a rider centric approach providing custom bike shipping solutions that range from self service to full service and all points in between. The result is a better way to ship your bike that competes with flying with your bike, thus our name, bike flights. So welcome to bikeflights, are you ready to Pack Ship Ride?


We offer everything you need to properly pack your own bike (supplies, instructions, guides, videos, photos, etc). Or you can hire a local bike shop to professionally pack your bike for you.


We have partnered with FedEx to offer worldwide shipping services with the industry’s best delivery guarantee. We have negotiated discounted rates for the cycling community to allow us to create custom bike shipping solutions that compete with costs of flying with your bike. We also offer an automatic group discount when 3 or more bikes are in a shipment. See for yourself - check our rates now.


We work with numerous bike travel organizations, tour operators, event organizers and race promoters to help riders get to their events. Working with these groups gives us the specific logistical knowledge to offer superior customer support to ensure your trip is a success. Looking for a new event? Check out our list of recommended rides.