Ashton Lambie

Gravelnauts • Gravel, Track, Road, Bikepacking & Touring • Houston, TX

"I started using at the bike shop where I worked, and I can't believe how much easier it is. Customer service is better, bikes and parts show up on time, and the pickup option is fantastic. makes it so easy to travel with a bike or sell stuff, it's great!"

Multi-time U.S. Track National Champion Ashton Lambie goes fast not only on the track but also on gravel. In 2021, you'll find him racing events across the country like The Mid South, Unbound Gravel, SBT GRVL, Gravel Worlds, The Rift and Robidoux Quick & Dirty. "My superpower is remembering to check food in the microwave right before it's done," he said. "I could be defrosting something for 10 minutes, then I'll remember it's in there and look over, and BOOM... six seconds left." He also enjoys chopping wood, riding indoors and coffee.

Career Highlights

- Track World Championship Silver Medalist
- Five-time National Champion in the Individual and Team Pursuit
- Three-time Pan American Champion in the Individual and Team Pursuit
- Pan American Games Gold Medal Winner
- Three-time World Record Holder in the 4km Men's Individual Pursuit
- Current National Record Holder in the Individual and Team Pursuit

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