Ayesha McGowan

Liv Racing • Road, Mountain Bike, Bikepacking, Commuting & Touring • Decatur, Georgia

"As a one (wo)man band, logistics and travel are stressful enough without having to worry about how to carry all the things like multiple bikes, extra wheels and such. I appreciate BikeFlights.com as a convenient and affordable way to get my bike and race gear from one place to another."

Georgia-based rider Ayesha McGowan is one of the most inspirational riders on the pro circuit. She not only juggles racing on the road and on gravel, but also spends time motivating others to ride through events like her Do Better Together (DBT) Virtual Riding Series and various speaking engagements. In 2020, she'll be competing at the Valley of the Sun, the Tour of the Southern Highlands, the Joe Martin Stage Race, Speed Week, Tulsa Tough, SBT GRVL and the Colorado Classic, just to name a few stops on her packed calendar. She loves to travel and only needs to visit Alaska, Michigan, Idaho and the Dakotas to have been to all 50 states. And in case you were wondering, yes she can sing the list of all U.S. states in alphabetical order!

Career Highlights

- Top 10 Finisher at the Joe Martin Stage Race
- Dirty Kanza 200 Finisher
- Winner of the Most Inspirational Jersey at the Colorado Classic

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