Christina Birch

Gravelnauts • Track, Gravel, Road, Commuting & Bikepacking • Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I've been with since 2015. I know and trust the company and its staff, and we've been through so many shipments together!"

It doesn't matter whether she's racing on the track, road or gravel, long-time Brand Ambassador Christina Birch is fast. She's also incredibly smart, having earned a PhD in Biological Engineering from MIT. When she's not busy racing among the best in the world on velodromes, you'll find her contesting events like the Belgian Waffle Ride Series, Unbound Gravel, Leadville, Barry Roubaix and SBT GRVL. In 2021, she'll also be attempting to set the crossing Montana South-to-North record. "And after learning how to knit last year," she said, "I plan to learn how to play the guitar, violin or mandolin in 2021."

Career Highlights

- 2019 World Cup Team Pursuit Gold Medalist
- 2018 World Cup Team Pursuit Silver Medalist
- 2019 Dirty Kanza (now called Unbound Gravel) 100-miler Second Place Finisher
- 2019 The Epic 100-miler Second Place Finisher

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