Rebecca Rusch

Privateer • Gravel, Mountain Bike & Bikepacking • Ketchum, Idaho

" is the easiest, most economical, simple way to get your bike to where you want to ride! That is the simple truth. Take it from someone who’s traveled the world with far too much gear. With, your bike is there waiting for you!"

Multi-time World Champion Cyclist. Entrepreneur. Adventurer. Author. Emmy Award-Winning Film Maker. Event Founder. These are just some of many ways you could describe the "Queen of Pain" Rebecca Rusch. She might be as tough as nails, but she also has a heart of gold and is all about sharing what she's learned to inspire others. Principles she lives by include Risk = Reward, Passion = Payoff, Give = Get and Less = More. Most of all, she's inspired by her late father's instructions to “Be Good." For Rebecca, cycling is all about finding her community, her strength and her purpose. You can count on her to keep pushing herself to explore new places and bring others along for the ride.

Career Highlights

- Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductee
- Seven-time World Champion in endurance events
- Four-time Leadville 100 Winner
- Three-time Dirty Kanza Winner
- Be Good Foundation Founder
- Rebecca's Private Idaho Founder

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