Squid Squad

Cyclocross, Mountain Bike, Gravel, Tracklocross & Road

"We LOVE BikeFlights.com because they make it easy to get our bikes around when we're traveling. No need to ask for a friend with a big car or truck to give you a ride to the airport, no extra wait times in full-service lines to pay insane luggage fees, and no extra time spent at the baggage claim. Shipping it to our final destination makes it easy and hassle free for when we arrive!"

The Squid Squad runs one of the most colorful, stylish and fan-favorite race programs in the U.S. In 2020, they're doing all different kinds of events throughout the U.S. and Europe including mountain bike, fixed gear, gravel, cyclocross and even tracklocross races.

Team Roster

- Emily Kachorek (Sacramento, CA) - Team Manager & Rider
- Benjamin Gomez Villafane (Santa Cruz, CA)
- Chris Nabma (Sacramento, CA)
- Samantha Runnels (Austin, TX)

Meet Our Ambassadors

We support athletes and teams who inspire others to achieve and to adventure.

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