Electric Bicycle Shipping

BikeFlights.com provides resources for education and solutions for labeling and shipping battery-powered bicycles.

The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA), a national trade association for the U.S. bicycle industry representing over 100 member companies which sell bicycles, electric bicycles and related products to retailers and consumers, has developed four classifications for electric bicycles.

These classes are being established throughout the U.S. by the BPSA’s Electric Bike Committee and are modeled on what has been implemented successfully in Europe. Classes do not determine where each type of e-bike may be used; instead, such use is determined at the state or local level, sometimes by the vehicle code section of the law and sometimes by local landowners. Federal law technically classifies Class 1 and Class 2 e-bikes as “bicycles”; however, different localities interpret differently whether bicycles with throttles are technically still bicycles.

At this time, BikeFlights.com ships only Class 1 e-bikes because these e-bikes are the types generally accepted as “bicycles” across the continental U.S.

To ship Class 1 e-bikes via BikeFlights.com, you must have current HAZMAT certification applicable to safely preparing e-bikes for shipping. BikeFlights.com adheres to all rules and guidelines per the U.S. Department of Transportation, the International Air Transit Association and FedEx’s Dangerous Goods Department. We may refuse to ship e-bikes for anyone who is not HAZMAT certified or who has previously violated best safety practices per our Shipping Policy.

BikeFlights.com is building a network of certified e-bike shippers to enable more cyclists to buy, sell and travel with e-bikes. We invite bike shops who are hazmat certified to contact us so we can update shop finder listings to accurately indicate which shops offer e-bike packing and shipping services.

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