Electric Bicycle Shipping

BikeFlights.com provides resources for education and solutions for labeling and shipping battery-powered bicycles.

We Ship Class 1 and Class 3 E-Bikes

BikeFlights.com ships Class 1 and Class 3 pedal-assist e-bikes with batteries installed within the continental U.S.; we do NOT ship e-bikes with batteries installed to or from Alaska or Hawaii or internationally.

We also do NOT ship throttle-equipped e-bikes.

For reference, here are the four classifications of electric bicycles (e-bikes) according to the Bicycle Product Suppliers Association (BPSA).

BikeFlights.com adheres to all rules and guidelines per the U.S. Department of Transportation, the International Air Transit Association and UPS’s Dangerous Goods Department.

How to Ship a Class 1 or Class 3 E-bike with Battery Installed

E-bikes shipped with their batteries installed via BikeFlights.com MUST be packed by someone with a current HAZMAT certification applicable to safely preparing e-bikes for shipping.

If you don’t have a current HAZMAT certification, you can ship your e-bike with battery installed with BikeFlights.com per the following options:

  1. Become a Certified Shipper- You can become a HAZMAT certified shipper by completing an online HAZMAT certification program. We recommend the Labelmaster HAZMAT shipper program, which typically costs ~$200, takes approximately two hours to complete and is good for two years. After you complete the course, please email your HAZMAT certificate to ebikes@bikeflights.com Once we receive your certification, we will send you our BikeFlights.com E-bike Shipping Agreement] to e-sign. Upon receipt of the signed agreement, we will activate your BikeFlights.com account to ship e-bikes within 72 hours.
  2. Use a Certified Shipper - We recommend using one of our HAZMAT certified shippers listed in our Bike Shop Finder. Look for the lightning bolt icon that indicates whether a listed shop isis HAZMAT certified. You may also want to contact your local bike shop or e-bike retailer to see if they are certified but are not yet listed as such in our Bike Shop Finder. BikeFlights.com reserves the right to refuse to ship e-bikes for anyone who has previously violated best safety practices per our Shipping Policy.

How to Ship a Class 1 or Class 3 E-bike with Battery Removed

To ship your e-bike without HAZMAT certification, you must REMOVE its battery and ship the battery separately though another carrier since BikeFlights.com does not do battery-only shipments.

Without its battery, your e-bike will ship just like a non-motorized bike. We suggest shipping your separate battery directly with the United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS or FedEx.

Learn More About Shipping E-bikes and E-bike Batteries

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