Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour 2016

The Berkshires to Boston Bicycle Tour is a four-day, 240-mile bike tour crossing Massachusetts from the New York border to downtown Boston. Showcasing the best of Massachusetts cycling, the tour begins in the scenic Berkshire hills, meanders through the Connecticut River Valley, rolls over the state's central plateau and spins through Lexington and other historic communities before arriving in the vibrant capital - Boston. There, riders join more than 5,000 cycling enthusiasts for Hub on Wheels, Boston's annual bicycling festival.

Whether you’re a cross-state tour “collector”, a casual rider looking for a challenge or a social rider who loves meeting others, the Berkshires to Boston Tour should be on your bucket list. Massachusetts is blessed with some of the finest road cycling in America, and the Berkshires to Boston tour explores the best of the best.

Our route across Massachusetts intersects with four of the state's designated scenic byways, recognized for their scenic quality, low traffic volumes and interesting experiences around every bend. Equally important, our overnight locations in little New England communities and the diverse mix of riders from across the country ensure that your off-the-bike experience will be as rich as the riding.

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The Berkshires, MA

09/14/2016 - 09/18/2016



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