Boone Gran Fondo 2018

Boone Gran Fondo was named one of the best gran fondos in America. The area around Boone, North Carolina, known as the High Country, is appreciated not only for its beautiful mountains but also for its summer climate. Come ride the Boone Gran Fondo in lovely 80-degree mid-summer temperatures while the rest of the East Coast swelters in the high 90s.

A challenging route passes through Appalachian State University and visits the Blue Ridge Parkway as well as Highway 221 on a section of road that was hand-built in the 1890s across Grandfather Mountain and served as the Blue Ridge Parkway until the 1980s. Other highlights include Grandfather Park, the North Toe River Valley, Beech Mountain, Bethel Valley and a trip to the Tennessee-North Carolina border.

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Event Info

Boone, NC

08/04/2018 - 08/05/2018



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