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Ship your bike to 2017 CampoVelo Napa Valley - St Helena, CA
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2017 CampoVelo Napa Valley Shipping Guide

BikeFlights.com helps travel-savvy cyclists get their bikes conveniently, reliably and affordably to and from events like the 2017 CampoVelo Napa Valley in St Helena, CA from Apr 28, 2017 to Apr 30, 2017.

Our customized door-to-door bicycle shipping service takes the hassle out of traveling with your bike. Breeze through airport check-in and baggage claim, and your bike will be awaiting you upon your arrival at your final destination.

About CampoVelo Napa Valley

In the heart of Napa Valley, the inaugural CampoVelo will perfectly pair world-class cycling, mouth watering cuisine and libations, guaranteeing an undeniably unique and memorable weekend. All brought together under the new Las Alcobas Hotel featuring Chef Chris Cosentino’s restaurant, the Acacia House, the focus is on the fun. Be it on the bike cresting a mountain, culinary explorations with Chef Cosentino and friends, relaxing spa treatments, hearing the stories of noted viticulturists, and much more. All while benefiting global, national and local issues close to our hearts, one pedal stroke at a time. It’s the pairing of all that equal good living; an embodiment of what we promise you at CampoVelo Napa Valley.


You can pack your bicycle yourself or check out our bike shop finder to find a local partner bike shop near you that can help you disassemble and pack your bike ahead of your trip. If you need a box and/or packing supplies, check out our BikeFlights.com store. Read more about how to pack your bike.

Start arranging your bike shipment by using our rate finder tool below. We’ve pre-populated the suggested dates by which your bike should arrive prior to the event and when it should start shipping home.

BikeFlights.com suggests that you ship your bike to and from [any of] the following location[s]: Simply click to set the form with your selection.

  • The Hub - If shipping to The Hub, please call ahead to let them know to expect your shipment, and to schedule any services (707-253-2453).

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