Land Run 100 2019

Land Run 100 is a 100-mile gravel bicycle race beginning and ending in Downtown Stillwater, OK. Land Run 100 also offers options for a 50-mile ride, 50K run and the Land Run Double: 50K run and 100-mile ride.
Land Run 100 is heading into its seventh year with more than 1,600 participants coming from 46 states and four other countries.

Land Run 100 takes place in March, which is historically muddy in Oklahoma. The weather has been a defining characteristic of the Land Run 100. When rain falls on Oklahoma red dirt, roads become unforgiving. Stories of dirt drenched drivetrains and mile-long sections of hike-a-bike, through "peanut butter mud" that can swallow a shoe, have become staples of the Land Run experience. But even when Oklahoma gravel is hard-packed, dusty, and fast - as it is most of the year - losing yourself on these country roads can evoke strength, grit, and resolve that you never knew you possessed. The spirit of the Land Run 100 is found in the will to redefine what is possible. Riders cross the finish line covered in mud from head to toe to be met by Race Director Bobby Wintle, who bear-hugs every rider and runner as they finish!

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Event Info

Stillwater, OK

03/15/2019 - 03/17/2019



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