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Ship your bike to 2017 Malibu Gran Fondo - Westlake Village, CA
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2017 Malibu Gran Fondo Shipping Guide

BikeFlights.com helps travel-savvy cyclists get their bikes conveniently, reliably and affordably to and from events like the 2017 Malibu Gran Fondo in Westlake Village, CA from Mar 04, 2017 to Mar 05, 2017.

Our customized door-to-door bicycle shipping service takes the hassle out of traveling with your bike. Breeze through airport check-in and baggage claim, and your bike will be awaiting you upon your arrival at your final destination.

About the Malibu Gran Fondo

This world-class event, held in the beautiful and iconic city of Malibu, California, is an exclusive weekend designed to attract cyclists from around the world. The Malibu Gran Fondo showcases the magnificent Southern California landscape and ideal early spring weather. In partnering with Assos, Sarto, Four Seasons Westlake and Vintage Grocers, the Malibu Gran Fondo delivers a high-end experience that aligns with those who train regularly, enjoy participating in challenging events and demand something better than what is out there.

Participants will Ride! The Omnium like the pros for cumulative time and experience two completely different courses in a single weekend, each offering unique terrain, vistas and challenges. Day 1 includes a 151km Gran Fondo which traverses a balanced mix of rolling farmland, fast and scenic coastline, with an epic climb to the finish in the Santa Monica Mountains. Day 2 brings a 20km time trial, covering a point to point course along the famous Pacific Coast Highway.

Offering pro level on-course support, gourmet rest stops, catered receptions, concierge services, post ride massage, bike wash and valet, the Malibu Gran Fondo offers the Complete Cycling Experience.


You can pack your bicycle yourself or check out our bike shop finder to find a local partner bike shop near you that can help you disassemble and pack your bike ahead of your trip. If you need a box and/or packing supplies, check out our BikeFlights.com store. Read more about how to pack your bike.

Start arranging your bike shipment by using our rate finder tool below. We’ve pre-populated the suggested dates by which your bike should arrive prior to the event and when it should start shipping home.

BikeFlights.com suggests that you ship your bike to and from any of the following locations: Simply click to set the form with your selection.

  • Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village - If you do not require help assembling your bike and packing it up before/after the event, you may ship it directly to this host hotel. Please contact (818) 575-3000 to make arrangements with the hotel in advance of your shipment.
  • Serious Cycling in Agoura Hills - Participants requiring help with bike assembly must ship their bike to this location (be sure to indicate “For MGF2017” on the label). Please contact shop manager, Bryan Hale at (818) 587-8330 x1 or bryan@seriouscycling.com to arrange assembly and packing services in advance of shipping your bike. Cost is $99 for build and box to return. Box Storage is included. Your bike must be delivered to Serious Cycling at least 4 days prior to your planned arrival date, or no later than Tuesday, February 28. It will be packed and shipped back ASAP but no later than March 10. Payment is due when you pick up your bike.

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