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Ship your bike to 2017 Mavic Haute Route Rockies - Boulder, CO
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2017 Mavic Haute Route Rockies Shipping Guide

BikeFlights.com helps travel-savvy cyclists get their bikes conveniently, reliably and affordably to and from events like the 2017 Mavic Haute Route Rockies between Boulder, CO and Colorado Springs, CO from Jun 24, 2017 to Jun 30, 2017.

Our customized door-to-door bicycle shipping service takes the hassle out of traveling with your bike. Breeze through airport check-in and baggage claim, and your bike will be awaiting you upon your arrival at your final destination.

About the Mavic Haute Route Rockies

The Mavic Haute Route Rockies 2017 offers committed amateur riders the opportunity to compete with a professional level of off-the-bike support unprecedented in US amateur cycling.

Carving through the heartland of American cycling, the Mavic Haute Route Rockies 2017 will feature an unforgettable combination of jaw-dropping scenery and breathtaking climbs. 

The event starts in Boulder on June 24th, 2017 and finishes in Colorado Springs on June 30th. Competitors face seven timed and ranked stages covering 875km (550 miles) and in excess of 16,000 vertical metres (52,500 feet) of climbing on some of Colorado’s best known mountain roads, many soaring above 3,000m in altitude (10,000 feet).


You can pack your bicycle yourself or check out our bike shop finder to find a local partner bike shop near you that can help you disassemble and pack your bike ahead of your trip. If you need a box and/or packing supplies, check out our BikeFlights.com store. Read more about how to pack your bike.

Start arranging your bike shipment by using our rate finder tool below. We’ve pre-populated the suggested dates by which your bike should arrive prior to the event and when it should start shipping home.

BikeFlights.com suggests that you ship your bike to and from the following locations: Simply click to set the form with your selection.

  • House of Spin Boulder - Click to fill in the ship-to address for the official Mavic Haute Route Rockies start bike shop.
  • Marriott Colorado Springs - If staying at this hotel, click the link to fill in the return ship-from address. Don't forget to schedule a pick-up!
  • Hotel Elegante - If staying at this hotel click the link to fill in the return ship-from address. Don't forget to schedule a pick-up!

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