Rebeccas Private Idaho 2019

Rebecca's Private Idaho is your ticket to the wild, rugged Idaho that few people know. Ride 100 miles through the scenic Pioneer Mountains with mountain bike endurance champion Rebecca Rusch on scenic gravel roads, through canyons, over summits and across high mountain basins. When you're done, expect a healthy dose of western hospitality and the good feeling that comes from supporting charities like the Wood River Bike Coalition, Idaho NICA High School Mountain Bike League, People for Bikes and World Bicycle Relief. The weekend's events include the main race and ride, an expo, music and entertainment all tied into the city's famous Wagon Days Festival, plus a registration celebration the day prior. This is a weekend and experience you don't want to miss!

We've pre-populated a suggested ship-to location (simply click the map pin next to the "where are you shipping to" field) and suggested shipping dates. If shipping to a bike shop make sure to call in advance to arrange assembly.

If shipping to Idaho Cycles: Assembly and packing services are available for $130. Contact this shop at (208) 721-1089 to arrange such services in advance of shipping your bike. If you are hiring this shop to build your bike, it must arrive at the shop by no later than Monday, August 26th. If you are shipping your bike to this shop, but do not need help assembling it, you may adjust below the deliver by date to a later date, but we still suggest that you contact the shop to give them a heads-up that your bike will be coming.

The other partner shop Sturtevants has reached it's limit on number of bikes they can receive. If you need assembly or a pick up location please use Idaho Cycles.

You can pack your bike yourself or hire a shop from our bike shop finder to pack your bike for you. If you need a box or case, check out our store. We’ll pick up your packed bike up from your house or your local bike shop, or you can drop it off at one of our partner carrier locations..

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900 3rd Ave, Ketchum, Idaho 83340

08/29/2019 - 09/01/2019

  • Idaho Cycles



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