The Almanzo 2019

The Almanzo is a collection of free-to-enter gravel road cycling events that take place every Spring in Southern Minnesota. Entries are not limited and there are no pre-qualifications required. Each rider must declare their desired event; Malanzo 50, Almanzo 100, Royal 162 & Alexander 380. Once the rider has made a decision on distance, entry can be secured by postcard or by visiting ALMANZO.COM.

At Almanzo, we offer no frills. Just beautiful country roads, incredible camaraderie and challenging courses. First time riders are welcome, as are the seasoned vets. There's a reason we've been around since 2007.

No entry fee. No barrier to entry. We are inclusive, engaging and all about community.

We've pre-populated a suggested ship-to location (simply click the arrow next to the "where are you shipping to" field) and suggested shipping dates.

If you would like to book assembly and packing services before and after The Almanzo, please contact the following:

  • Downtown Bicycles Phone number: (507) 786-9191
  • Freewheel Bike West Bank, Phone number: (612) 339-2219
  • Freewheel Bike Eden Prairie, Phone number: (952) 377-2230
  • Freewheel Bike Roseville, Phone number: (651) 242-5302
  • Freewheel Bike Midtown, Phone number: (612) 238-4447

You do not have to ship your bike to our suggested location on our suggested dates; you may ship instead to your hotel, a friend's house, a partner carrier holding location or another local bike shop. You may also manually enter different ship dates to better suit your itinerary. You are responsible for getting your bike to/from these locations and assembling and disassembling it or getting help from a local shop. Please note that if you ship your bike to yourself in care of any partner carrier location, you will have to present an ID when picking it up there.

You can pack your bike yourself or hire a shop from our bike shop finder to pack your bike for you. If you need a box or case, check out our store. We’ll pick up your packed bike up from your house or your local bike shop, or you can drop it off at one of our partner carrier locations..

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Event Info

Northfield, MN

05/17/2019 - 05/20/2019

  • Downtown Bicycles
  • Freewheel Bike West Bank
  • Freewheel Bike Eden Prairie
  • Freewheel Bike Roseville
  • Freewheel Bike Midtown Bike Center



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