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Ship your bike to 2017 Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo - Clayton, GA
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2017 Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo Shipping Guide

BikeFlights.com helps travel-savvy cyclists get their bikes conveniently, reliably and affordably to and from events like the 2017 Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo in Clayton, GA on May 07, 2017.

Our customized door-to-door bicycle shipping service takes the hassle out of traveling with your bike. Breeze through airport check-in and baggage claim, and your bike will be awaiting you upon your arrival at your final destination.

About the Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo

The Tour of Georgia Gran Fondo explores the northeast corner of Georgia, a beautiful mountainous region home to the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. They didn’t build a 2,168-mile long trail starting from here for no reason. If you’ve never visited this area, you need to! Nestled in Rabun County, the ride starts in downtown Clayton, Georgia under the shadow of Black Rock Mountain State Park.

After passing near or over both Tiger and Glassy Mountains in the early miles, the route rolls over the next 23 miles through small mountains, picturesque farmland and past mountain lakes. Next up is Unicoi State Park with the Unicoi Gap climb, made famous by the 2003-2008 Tour de Georgia. In 2008, Unicoi Gap was the second to last climb on the approach to the race-deciding ascent up Brasstown Bald where Kanstantsin Siutsou got the jump on Trent Lowe and Levi Leipheimer to win the overall. Enjoy vistas of the Chattahoochee National Forest on the way down and to the next big climbs up Jack's Gap and Hogpen Gap, the highest point on the course at 3,469ft.

Continue onward through Helen, a town that local business owners designated the "Bavaria in the Appalachians" in 1969. Just outside of Helen - along the route - is the Nacoochee Indian Mound, the center of the ancient Cherokee town of Gauxule, visited by Desoto in his search for gold. Cruise the final miles to the finish back in Clayton through rolling farmland and past Lake Seed and Lake Rabun. Be sure to plan to stick around for beers, food and music served up at the finish line by the Universal Joint.


You can pack your bicycle yourself or check out our bike shop finder to find a local partner bike shop near you that can help you disassemble and pack your bike ahead of your trip. If you need a box and/or packing supplies, check out our BikeFlights.com store. Read more about how to pack your bike.

Start arranging your bike shipment by using our rate finder tool below. We’ve pre-populated the suggested dates by which your bike should arrive prior to the event and when it should start shipping home.

BikeFlights.com suggests that you ship your bike to and from any of the following locations, or you can manually enter another location of your choosing. Simply click to set the form with your selection.

  • Habersham Bicycles - Assembly services are available for $50, and packing services are available for $40 ($90 total). Please call Joe or Jim at (706) 894-2453 or email info@habershambicycles.com to arrange such services in advance of shipping your bike to the event. Your bike must arrive at this shop by no later than March 4. Even if you do not need help assembling or packing your bike, we suggest you contact this shop to give them a heads-up that your bike is coming. Please note that this shop is 40 miles from the event location, and it is closed on Sundays; however, it is on the way from the Atlanta airport.
  • Goin' Postal - You may ship your bike to yourself at this location; they will receive and hold it for a $5 fee. Riders are responsible for retrieving their packed bikes from and dropping their bikes off at this location plus assembling and packing them before/after the event.

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