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Ship your bike to 2016 Trans-Sylvania Epic - Spring Mills, PA
Shipping bicycles, wheels and gear is easy with our Best Way Guarantee

2016 Trans-Sylvania Epic Shipping Guide

BikeFlights.com helps travel-savvy cyclists get their bikes conveniently, reliably and affordably to and from events like the 2016 Trans-Sylvania Epic in Spring Mills, PA from May 29, 2016 to Jun 03, 2016.

Our customized door-to-door bicycle shipping service takes the hassle out of traveling with your bike. Breeze through airport check-in and baggage claim, and your bike will be awaiting you upon your arrival at your final destination.


You can pack your bicycle yourself or check out our bike shop finder to find a local partner bike shop near you that can help you ahead of your trip or upon your return. Likewise, you can use our shop finder to find partner shops near your destination that can assist you with assembly and/or packing before and/or after the event. If you need a box and/or packing supplies, check out our BikeFlights.com store. Read more about how to pack your bike.

Use the form below to arrange your bike shipping. You may wish to ship your bike to/from one of the following locations, or manually enter another location of your choosing.

  • FedEx Office - This FedEx office will hold your bike for you for up to 5 days, but you must present a photo ID to pick it up.
  • Trans-Sylvania Epic Base Camp - You may ship your bike directly to/from base camp. Riders who do so will be assembling and packing their own bikes.
  • Freeze Thaw Cycles - Please contact this shop at justin@freezethaw.com or 814-272-0178 in advance to make arrangements prior to shipping your bike there and back.

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