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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Q: Who should I call if I need help?
  • Q: What types of bicycles does BikeFlights.com ship?
  • Q: Do you ship e-bikes?
  • Q: Which carrier does BikeFlights.com use to ship?
  • Q: Does BikeFlights.com ship internationally?
  • Q: Are duties and taxes included in the shipping rates?
  • Q: Does BikeFlights.com offer pickup service?
  • Q: Does BikeFlights.com ship bicycle travel cases?
  • Q: Is it safe to ship my bicycle in a cardboard box?
  • Q: How much does it cost to make changes to shipments?
  • Q: What if I have to cancel my shipment?
  • Q: Does BikeFlights.com offer group discounts?
  • Q: What is the Declared Value Program?
  • Q: What do I do if my bike is damaged or lost during shipping?



  • Q: What phone number should I enter when ordering?
  • Q: How and when do I get my shipping labels?
  • Q: How do I attach my shipping label?
  • Q: Should I place a copy of the label inside my case?


  • Q: What can I do if I miss a delivery attempt?
  • Q: Do I need to be home for a pickup?
  • Q: Can I drop off my package on a different day than the printed ship dates?
  • Q: How do I ship to and from a bicycle shop?
  • Q: How do I ship to and from a hotel?
  • Q: How do I ship to and from a FedEx Office?


  • Country
  • Round Trip
  • One Way
  • Postal Code
  • Return Ship Date
  • Number of Boxes and Cases
  • No. (for Box or Case)
  • Type or Model
  • Dimensions
  • Value
  • Pickup

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