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Pack your bike in a cardboard bike box, hard-sided bike case or soft padded bike travel bag. If you don’t have a case or need help packing, check out our selection of bicycle boxes, cases and packing supplies along with a directory of bike shops where you can get your bike professionally packed in a recycled manufacturer's bike box. Once packed, you’re ready to use our flexible bike shipping service.


Get instant bike shipping costs and quickly ship your bike 24-7 on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Print your label or send it to a friend or shop. Our support team keeps you informed, schedules your pickup and monitors your shipment from order through delivery to make sure everything goes smoothly. We guarantee delivery or you get $100 per business day, up to $500.


Ride your BMX, city, cruiser, cyclocross, fat, kids, mountain, road, tandem, touring, track or triathlon bike wherever you go. We ship bikes of all types, all over the world for customers who range from newbies to Olympians. We are cyclists serving cyclists, and we help you do your bucket list events. We also partner with events of all sizes and destinations. Pack. Ship. Ride.



  • Get free bike shipping cost estimates for express and ground services.
  • Avoid hassles at the airport with our door-to-door service.
  • Enjoy friendly and attentive customer support from fellow cyclists.


  • Your bike travels with top carriers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL.
  • Superior value protection program protects your bike.
  • We guarantee delivery or you get $100 per business day, up to $500.


  • Save money with our discount rates. If you find a lower price, we’ll match it
  • No minimums and no surprise charges from carriers.
  • No fees to change or cancel your order. has been incredibly simple and convenient to use. My favorite part was when I used the last time, I got to ride my commuter bike to the airport because I didn’t have to bring my packed bike with me. It was wonderful.

- Megan Chinburg

You all at make my life easier! I'm so happy you all provide shipping services for cyclists. Anytime a customer or athlete of mine needs their bike shipped for a race or an event I use You all make the process super easy and economical for me and my customers don't have to lug their bike through an airport!

Allen Heaton, Kinetix Cycling

Just wanted to say thanks. I shipped my bike home from NYC to Kentucky with and couldn't be happier. You guys are awesome. Have a great day and I look forward to the next trip and getting a bike there via BikeFlights.

- Dean, Customer

I’ve been a big fan of for a long time. We used it at the shop which I used to help run. It’s always been an awesome service. Everything shows up when it’s supposed to. You get your labels right away, and it takes all the stress out of travelling. And you can pack your sleeping bag and other things since you are allowed more weight than airlines.

- Justin Lindine, Competitive Cyclist Team

Using is super easy. You don’t have to haul a heavy bike box through the airport and worry about it getting thrown around by TSA. You can put as much as you want in there like extra tires. You don’t have to worry hitting the weight limit set by the airlines which is easy to exceed with a hard-sided travel case.

- Tristan Uhl, Competitive Cyclist Team

I will never pack a bike to fly with me ever again when going on a cycling vacation.’s system made it easy (and TONS cheaper) than lugging it to the airport and trusting it to the airlines. It's also easier to have friends pick you up at the airport when you tell them that your bike is being shipped. Thanks for being on the cyclists' side and providing a service that serves.

- Joyce, Customer

Wow, I'm blown away. That was so easy, you guys/gals have proven to me that is the only way to travel with a bike.

- Andy, Customer Customer Support is super easy to reach and very responsive.

- Serena Gordon, Liv/Giant MTB Team Racer

I’ve used several times and have had great experiences. I’m lucky because I don’t have to fly that much to get to my races, but when I do, using takes a huge burden off my shoulders. It’s awesome to be helped by fellow cyclists whenever I call Customer Support.

- Ellen Noble, Competitive Cyclist Team

I’ve been using for a year or two when I have to fly somewhere and take a bike - ever since a friend told me about it. It’s the cheapest way to ship an awkwardly sized box. Whenever I sell bikes, I use, too. I’ve found that my bikes get to where they’re going pretty quickly.

- Cody Phillips, Ibis Cycles Enduro Team

I’ve been using all year, and it’s changed my experience of travelling. When the whole team was at the Harrisburg airport two days ago, we had a good amount of luggage and we thought that if we’d had bikes with us, too, there’d have been no way we could have dealt with it all. We were thankful to have deliver our bikes on time and directly to the race venue.

- Payson McElveen, Competitive Cyclist Team has made bike shipping one of the smoothest parts of our whole operation. Once we found you guys, everything got easier. The site is so easy to use; the customer support has been awesome; and the prices are lower than what we could find anywhere else.

- Gabe Starbuck, Bicymple

We have been shipping bikes, frames and parts for years. As the head of customer service and shipping, I would dread every bike sale because it meant I had to find a way to jam the bike into the smallest box possible to try to save money on the shipping. Needless to say I no longer fear shipping bikes!’s website was fast and easy to use and your shipping and insurance rates were amazing. Thanks again for a job well done!

- Cheryl Rosipayla, Crankskins is simple and reliable and has been the standout for us. The pricing is always the best and it’s easy to use.

- Julian Kennedy, Race Pace Bicycles

Thank you very much,, for the excellent service you provided they picked the bike up Monday, and it was delivered today a heartfelt thank you to you all.

- Leonie, Customer

I am here to say that could not impress me more. From ease of use to customer service that is lightning fast with a price that cannot beaten, I will not hesitate to recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks for what you do!

- Chris, Customer

I’ve used for years, and I love the fact that I don’t have to take my bike to the airport. It’s awkward to take your bike to the airport, and more and more, the people checking you in don’t like it either.

- Vicki Barclay, Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team

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About makes shipping a bicycle convenient, reliable and affordable for cyclists of all types. We guarantee that our bike shipping service will get your bike on time to its destination. Our powerful toolset guides you through the process of how to ship a bike, whether for domestic or international travel with your bike or for shipping your bike after sale, for repair or as a gift. Top-level protection services provide the safest path for shipping a bike.

Our rapidly growing bicycle shipping service is more convenient than flying with a bike, more reliable than mailing a bike and more affordable than shipping a bike on your own. offers shipping that is more flexible than traditional bike transport services because we reach more locations and events of all types and sizes. We also offer faster transit times than bike transport so that you are without your bike for shorter periods of time. We are cyclists serving cyclists.

Since 2009, has shipped over 100,000 bikes to more than 7000 destinations.
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