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Bikeflights For Business

We enable cycling industry business to ship their bikes, wheels and gear with confidence.

Bike Shops

We refer customers who need help packing or assembling their bikes to our more than 2,194 bike shops in our Bike Shop Finder. To add your bike shop to or update your shop’s listing, contact with your shop’s name, address, phone number and website. You may also specify other shop services offered such as used bike box and packing materials, case sales or rental, mobile services and e-bike shipping. As a partner shop, you agree to serve as a ship to and ship from location, and in exchange, we refer customers to your shop.

To get started shipping with us, create an account. You can quickly save your address and forms of payment to your shop’s account so that other shop staff can also easily book, manage and track shipments. Your shop will get fast delivery, great prices and excellent service with every shipment.


We work with events of all sizes and types to help riders get their bikes more easily there and back. For each of our partner events, we build a custom, co-branded Event Shipping Guide and share them via our event pages and monthly e-newsletter. When you work with us, we appoint a member of our Outreach Team to be your designated contact. That person will coordinate - to the extent you would like - with you before, during and after your event about shipments headed to and from your event. We’re also happy to work closely with your designated partners shops and other shipping locations. We also provide elite level tracking and monitoring of all event shipments to ensure they’ll arrive on time, and we back that up with our Best Way Guarantee.

If you have an event that is looking for a bicycle transportation partner, contact to start working with us regarding your event.


We work with a wide variety of cycling industry businesses such as frame builders, carbon repair companies, bike tour operators, suspension tuning companies, online sellers and distributors. We make easy it for you to ship your products to your customers and for your customers to send back products for return or repair.

If your business would like to partner with us, contact us at to discuss your needs and how you can use our shipping services as a solution.