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How BikeFlights.com Works


Pack your bike in a cardboard bike box, hard-sided bike case or soft padded bike travel bag. If you don’t have a case or need help packing, check out our selection of bicycle boxes, cases and packing supplies along with a directory of bike shops where you can get your bike professionally packed in a recycled manufacturer's bike box. Once packed, you’re ready to use our flexible bike shipping service.


Get instant bike shipping costs and quickly ship your bike 24-7 on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Print your label or send it to a friend or shop. Our support team keeps you informed, schedules your pickup and monitors your shipment from order through delivery to make sure everything goes smoothly. We guarantee delivery or you get $100 per business day, up to $500.


Ride your BMX, city, cruiser, cyclocross, fat, kids, mountain, road, tandem, touring, track or triathlon bike wherever you go. We ship bikes of all types, all over the world for customers who range from newbies to Olympians. We are cyclists serving cyclists, and we help you do your bucket list events. We also partner with events of all sizes and destinations. Pack. Ship. Ride.

Why BikeFlights.com?


  • Get free bike shipping cost estimates for express and ground services.
  • Avoid hassles at the airport with our door-to-door service.
  • Enjoy friendly and attentive customer support from fellow cyclists.


  • Your bike travels with top carriers such as FedEx, UPS and DHL.
  • Superior value protection program protects your bike.
  • We guarantee delivery or you get $100 per business day, up to $500.


  • Save money with our discount rates. If you find a lower price, we’ll match it
  • No minimums and no surprise charges from carriers.
  • No fees to change or cancel your order.

BikeFlights.com cares about the safe shipping of my bike as much as I do -- you forget how important this is until you have an unlucky shipping day. BikeFlights.com proactively monitors any shipping delays and they are fast to process insurance claims should a shipping accident occur. Traveling is stressful, but I can rest easy knowing they've got my back (and my bike).

- Christina Birch. LA Sweat Team

Not only did BikeFlights.com save me hundreds of dollars over the course of this season, but they did so while offering superb service; and Fed Ex, their shipping partner, has been reliable and taken the best care of my packages. Thanks for assisting with a really memorable season.

- U.S. Marathon National Champion Rose Grant, Stan’s NoTubes-Pivot Team

Shipping my bike ahead of time helps keep me organized and reduces my stress level during travel week. For a recent trip, I shipped my bike last week and then all I have to do this week is get myself and my clothing to the airport on time. It’s so much easier.

- Jenny Smith, Stan’s NoTubes Elite Women’s Team Manager

As a user of BikeFlights.com, I think it’s the easiest and most affordable service. As an airline employee, I get to bring my bike for free on my flights, but I still find it easier to ship through you.

- Peter MacLead, Promoter of the Boston Rebellion US Cup

Thanks so much for your help AND advice on shipping my Sherpa with BikeFlights.com. You will be seeing a lot more business from me and my cycling friends! You and your company really ‘get it’ … cyclists being helped by cyclists.

- Jim, Customer

Thanks again for making the usual nightmare of traveling with a bike quite a bit easier and more affordable!

- Blake Anton, Team Clif Bar

I really enjoy arriving to my hotel and having my ride waiting for me thanks to BikeFlights.com.

- Mike King, Retired Pro BMX and MTB Racer

This season BikeFlights.com has maximized the ease of travel with cycling equipment by providing fast and efficient shipping from one race to the next. No longer do I stress about flying with my bike or paying huge excess fees. Thanks BikeFlights.com!

- Liza Rachetto, Hagens Berman | Supermint Pro Cycling

I am pleased with both BikeFlights.com’s pricing and service and have already referred you to several friends who are traveling soon with their bikes. Chapeau!

- Andy, Customer

I recently used Bikeflights.com for the first time to ship my racing bike from Florida to Chicago. Bikeflights.com made the task easy and economical. I had a local bike shop pack the bike. My bike arrived on time as promised and in excellent condition. BikeFlights.com took the worry, risk and expense out of bike shipping. I highly recommend BikeFlights.com.

- Russ Meyer, Customer

I've shipped a few times through BikeFlights.com now, and it's been amazing. Your website is super easy to use, especially from my phone, which allows me to get shipping labels ready while I'm on break at work. Your rates are top notch. Thank you for taking the headache out of shipping bikes!

- Lenny Matuszewski, Customer

BikeFlights.com makes travel days so much easier. I don't have to drag my bike to and from the airport and pay exorbitant fees; I can send the bike ahead and have it meet me at my destination, and for a lot less than it costs to fly with it.

- Lindsay Bayer, Hagens Berman | Supermint Pro Cycling

Every single time someone asks me for advice on how to travel with bikes, BikeFlights.com is my answer.

- Amber Pierce, Team Good Life

We run ladies’ mountain bike clinics all over the country and fly our coaches in from near and far to each event. BikeFlights.com has been a great way to get all of our bikes to the event quickly and reliably, eliminating the often costly hassle of flying with our bikes. Thanks, BikeFlights.com!

- Meredith Brandt, Event Producer for Ladies AllRide

BikeFlights.com has been so crucial to help relieve the constant headache of traveling with bikes and race wheels with my ever changing schedule. It’s also great that I am able to have the equipment I need for events rather than pack sparingly for longer trips.

- Daniel Holloway, Giant Racing Team

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About BikeFlights.com

BikeFlights.com makes shipping a bicycle convenient, reliable and affordable for cyclists of all types. We guarantee that our bike shipping service will get your bike on time to its destination. Our powerful toolset guides you through the process of how to ship a bike, whether for domestic or international travel with your bike or for shipping your bike after sale, for repair or as a gift. Top-level protection services provide the safest path for shipping a bike.

Our rapidly growing bicycle shipping service is more convenient than flying with a bike, more reliable than mailing a bike and more affordable than shipping a bike on your own.

BikeFlights.com offers shipping that is more flexible than traditional bike transport services because we reach more locations and events of all types and sizes. We also offer faster transit times than bike transport so that you are without your bike for shorter periods of time. We are cyclists serving cyclists.

Since 2009, BikeFlights.com has shipped over 100,000 bikes to more than 7000 destinations.
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