Shipping Policy

Read on for information about’s shipping services to learn what you need to know before you ship.

1. Shipping Service ships thousands of bikes each month. Our value-added services make shipping your bike and bike gear convenient, reliable and affordable. We partner with top carriers to deliver your bike and gear to its destination.

Throughout your shipping experience - from order, through delivery, and to claims - our friendly Customer Support staff, all fellow cyclists, take care of you and your shipment.

USE OF OUR SERVICES IS ONLY FOR SHIPPING OF BIKES AND BIKE GEAR AND ANY USE OR ATTEMPTED USE OF OUR SERVICES FOR NON-BIKE RELATED ITEMS (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION COMPUTERS, AUTO PARTS, PERSONAL OR BUSINESS PACKAGES, VALUABLES, ETC.) (collectively, “PROHIBITED ITEMS”) IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED. FAILURE TO ABIDE BY OUR SHIPPING POLICIES AND RESTRICTIONS MAY RESULT IN OUR IMPOSITION OF ADDITIONAL FEES, FINES, SURCHARGES OR OTHER ASSESSMENTS, SUSPENSION OF YOUR ACCOUNT AND/OR OTHER CONSEQUENCES AS DETERMINED BY BIKEFLIGHTS.COM IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION. We not liable for refusal of, delay of, loss of or damage to a shipment of any Prohibited Item and you agree to indemnify for any and all costs, fees and expenses incurs as a result of any violation of any local, state, federal, national or international laws or regulations, violation of any terms and conditions of our partner carriers or from tendering any Prohibited Item for shipment.

When you ship with, you agree to our Terms of Service and those of our partner carriers. See: FedEx Service Guide.

2. Ordinary Shipping Conditions

Experienced bicycle shippers understand ordinary shipping conditions and choose their packaging to safely protect their contents.

It is normal for your bike to travel hundreds or even thousands of miles over changing road surfaces in the back of a truck or in a plane’s cargo hold. This means that your bike is subject to vibrations of varying frequencies and amplitudes when driven over uneven roads or flown through turbulence. Therefore, you should always secure into place all contents within your package including the protective padding and foam.

It is also normal for carriers to place packages on their largest and most stable side so that the packages are less likely to tip over and be damaged while falling over or to damage other packages on which they could fall. Bike boxes, generally being tall and narrow, are often laid on the side with the largest surface area - much in the way that most of us would set a bike box in the back of a car while transporting it to the local carrier drop-off.

When you ship with, you acknowledge that under ordinary shipping conditions your bike will be subject to vibration, changes in orientation, contact with other packages and possible drops from waist height.

3. Proper Packing is Required

Bicycles, wheels and gear are unique commodities, with unusual shapes, light weights and many externally facing attachments. Thus, they require specialized packaging to withstand ordinary shipping conditions. Bike manufacturers and retailers employ packaging engineers to design packaging to safely protect bikes during shipping to their customers. By and large, they follow standard packing procedures, including using protective foam, specialized plastic bits and strapping techniques.

To properly pack your own bike or gear, consult our packing guidelines and contact with any questions prior to your shipment.

If you do not want to pack your own bike, consult’s Bike Shop Finder to find a list of shops which you can hire to professionally and properly pack your bike or gear.

When you ship with, you acknowledge that your bike, wheels and gear are packed according to the practices detailed above (including the packing guidelines) to properly protect it.

4. Best Price guarantees you the best price for bicycle shipping worldwide.

If you find a lower cost identical product or service from an online or local vendor after placing an order through, we will match the price and refund the difference.

To request a price match after purchase, please send Customer Support an image or URL of the competing offer for validation.

Terms and Conditions

5. Delivery Guarantee guarantees that your bicycle is delivered on time. If you are traveling with your bike, and it does not arrive on time, will pay you $100 per business day until it is delivered, up to $500 total per bike.

If you are shipping your bike for any other reason, and it does not arrive on time, will refund your shipping costs, not including the costs of additional shipping protection purchased under the Premium Protection Plan.

The Delivery Guarantee does not apply if

If your bike does not arrive on time, please contact Customer Support and provide your tracking number.

All delivery guarantee requests must be submitted within seven (7) days of delivery.

6. Premium Protection Plan cannot and does not guarantee that your properly packed bicycle or gear will not be accidentally damaged or lost during transit. We do offer, for additional charges, a supplemental premium protection plan (“Premium Protection Plan”) that offers limited protection for the properly packed bicycle contents of your box or case, but not for the case itself. Exposure to and risk of any loss in excess of the applicable covered value for the Premium Protection Plan is assumed by the customer. You may transfer this risk to an insurance carrier of your choice through the purchase of an insurance policy. Contact an insurance agent or broker if you desire such insurance coverage.

Our Premium Protection Plan is not insurance. is not an insurer. This is an optional service we provide in conjunction with our bicycle shipping services.

Our Premium Protection Plan covers packages shipped with only while in the possession of the carrier. IT DOES NOT COVER PACKAGES THAT HAVE GONE MISSING OR ARE STOLEN AFTER DELIVERY. When you select a value of $500 or more when creating your shipment on, your package will be delivered with a direct signature required.

Our Premium Protection Plan covers the lesser of either the repair or replacement cost of properly packed goods - up to the specified selected value - if such damage or loss occurs due to external forces beyond ordinary shipping conditions while in transit and in care, custody, or control of carriers.

When you ship with, you acknowledge that the Premium Protection Plan is optional, and if you choose the Premium Protection Plan, it only covers packages while in the possession of the carrier. The Premium Protection Plan is not a substitute for poor packing and the plan WILL NOT cover damage to bicycles that were not packed according to standard practices. Your Premium Protection Plan claim will be denied due to insufficient packaging if you cannot document that your bicycle was properly packed (see our recommendations for documenting your packaging in Section 7 “Claims” below).

7. Know the Gaps - What Voids the Premium Protection Plan

Below is a list of the most commonly reported damage and the situations when the Premium Protection Plan is void because minimum standards were not met.

Claims of frame damage - such as but not limited to scratches, dings and dents sustained during shipping - are void if

Claims of rear derailleur or rear derailleur hanger damage are void if

Claims of damage to the wheels or by the wheels are void if

Claims of damage to your frame and/or fork dropouts are void if

Claims of damage to your chainrings are void if

Claims of damage to your brake/shift levers are void if

Claims of damage to your case are void because

Claims of damage or loss are void if

When you ship with, you acknowledge that if you do not follow standard practices, you may forfeit any recovery under the Premium Protection Plan due to insufficient packing.

8. Selected Value

Customers may specify a shipment’s “Selected Value” when creating their shipment on's maximum liability for accidental damage or loss (subject to all the requirements set forth herein) is the Selected Value you select. cannot and does not reimburse under the Premium Protection Plan for “sentimental value,” which value cannot be determined or “claimed loss,” which value cannot be guaranteed.

When you ship with, you acknowledge that the Selected Value represents's maximum liability and therefore your maximum Premium Protection Plan coverage in the event of damage or loss.

9. Claims’s Premium Protection Plan provides coverage across all our authorized carrier partners to streamline processing of your claim. Should your bicycle or gear be accidentally damaged or lost by the carrier, contact (not the carrier) to begin processing your claim.

Per its claims process under the Premium Protection Plan, determines on a case-by-case basis whether a bicycle and/or any other shipment contents were properly packed and if so, whether claimed damage or loss is repairable or requires replacement.'s Premium Protection Plan covers the actual cost of repairing damaged property or replacing it with other property of comparable manufacturer, model and year, up to the specified Selected Value. Replacement costs are subject to depreciation.

Claims must be submitted to within seven (7) days of delivery. The customer must provide all requested documentation supporting the claim within thirty (30) business days of receiving notice of the claim. Written documentation supporting your claim may include, but is not limited to, a description and images of damage, description of goods, and proof of value such as original bike purchase invoice/receipt or estimates/invoices for repair. These documents must be verifiable to’s satisfaction.

All claims must be in writing and submitted within the time limits set forth above. Failure to provide complete, accurate and verifiable requested information within the time limits set forth above will result in denial of your claim and will have no liability or obligation to pay your claim in whole or in part. and its delivery partners reserve the right to inspect a damaged bicycle on the recipient’s premises as well as the right to retrieve the damaged bicycle for inspection. The terms and conditions applicable to the original delivery (including any Selected Value) will govern the disposition of all claims in connection with the delivery, including any claim relative to the retrieval, inspection or return of the bicycle. When a bicycle is picked up for inspection, a receipt for the damaged bicycle will be provided if requested by the recipient. All of the original delivery cartons, labels, packing and contents must be made available for our inspection and retained until the claim is concluded.

Except in the case of concealed damage, receipt of the bicycle delivery by the recipient without written notice of damage on the air bill is prima facie evidence that the bicycle was delivered in good condition.

Only one claim can submitted in connection with a shipment. Acceptance of payment of a claim extinguishes any further right to file additional claims on that shipment.

The maximum Selected Value per package for any bicycle shipment is US $15,000.

The customer is responsible for accurately completing the Selected Value of a shipment with We cannot honor requests to change the Selected Value after the shipment has been shipped. is not liable for the loss or damage to the following goods shipped using our services and are not covered by our Premium Protection Plan:

The above items should not be shipped through, will have no liability or obligation for any of the foregoing and any violations of the foregoing are expressly at your own risk.

When you ship with, you agree to be subject to this claims process. We strongly recommend that you take a complete set of detailed photos documenting the contents of your shipment and its internal and external packing before you send your shipment and after you receive it. In the event of loss or damage and subsequent claim filing and processing, such photos will help you remember what you had packed, serve as proof of proper packing and document damage details.