We guarantee you the best experience before, during and after shipping with us.

Found a lower price? We will price match any equivalent shipment and refund the difference to you. To initiate a price match, contact with information including what price you found, where you found it and when.
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Plans changed? You can cancel or change your shipment at any time prior to the shipment at no cost. After shipment, normal carrier fees apply. Please contact to make the change or cancellation.

Do you offer Insurance? We do not offer carrier insurance, but when you book your shipment, you can participate in our Premium Protection Plan,, which protects your bike against accidental damage or loss up to the lesser of the amount you purchase and the actual market value of the bike. For details, check out our Shipping Policy.

Looking for lower rates? Size matters. You’ll get the best rates if you a box or case similar in size to our cardboard bicycle shipping box. For more details check out Dimensions and Rates. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Can I ship my own hard case or soft case? Yes, you can ship your own case, or you can use a cardboard box. We’ve uploaded dimensions and typical shipment weights for the most popular bike cases into our system, so you can save yourself the hassle of measuring and weighing your case. Simply select your case from the dropdown menu under “What size is your box or case?”

Can I ship my bike today? Yes, you can book your shipment online today, print your labels, affix them to your bike box, then drop off at a partner carrier location.

When do I get my shipping labels? You will get your shipping labels by email within few minutes of placing your order for a domestic shipment, assuming you are within 10 days of your chosen ship date. If your shipment will happen further in the future, you will get your labels by email once you are within 10 days of your ship date. For international shipments, you will get your labels within 24-72 hours of placing your order, depending on how fast you provide us with additional information required for us to prepare your customs paperwork for you. International shipping labels will be issued once you are within 3 days of your chosen ship date.

Will you pick up my bike? Yes, we will work with our partner carrier to coordinate a pickup on your behalf. Please note that you must place your order specifying a pickup by 8:00 PM (EST) for next-day pickup service. Pickups can be done from your home, your bike shop or your hotel. We suggest that you notify any business locations in advance that a pickup will be happening.

Bike stopped tracking? Contact, and we’ll work with our partner carrier on your behalf to locate your bike and then we’ll deliver it to you.

Bike not delivered on schedule? If your bike is not delivered on schedule for your trip or event, we will pay $100 per business day, up to five days, until it arrives (subject to the partner carrier having a delivery guarantee and not applicable during high volume shipping periods such as holidays). Contact to report a late delivery.
Terms and Conditions

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