“At Bikeflights, we believe that we must take an active role in preserving our planet and growing our sport. Sustainability is a team effort.”

William Alcorn, President

Carbon Offset Icon

Carbon Offset

We work with our carriers to make our shipping carbon neutral by participating in their carbon offset purchasing programs.

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Remote Workforce

Everyone at Bikeflights works remotely from home offices, so we save 10 potential vehicle trips per week for every staff member.

Reduced Travel Impact Icon

Less Impact

With our door-to-door service, our customers no longer need large vehicles to transport bike boxes.

Reduced Material Icon

Reduced Material

We designed our bike shipping boxes to use the least material possible, thereby using less of our planet’s resources.

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Reusable Boxes

Our Bikeflights Bike Boxes and packing materials are designed to be reusable, and we encourage our customers to reuse when possible.

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Our cardboard Bikeflights Bike Boxes are 100% recyclable at the end of their life cycles.


“To sustain the sport of cycling, we have to help it grow - and grow responsibly. That’s why we support advocacy groups and nonprofit grassroots programs that make meaningful, progressive changes in the cycling community.”

Sue George, Vice President