Tinker Classic 2020 Shipping


Beatty, NV


11/20/2020 - 11/21/2020

Twenty-twenty marks the fourth year of producing the Tinker Classic by partnering with the Spicer Ranch to bring you a “Party” the weekend on bikes.

The event will take place Friday, November 20 -Saturday, November 21 where the start & finish will be held at the Spicer Ranch. This event brings a fun vibe where there is no winner and Tinker will be riding and talking with everyone in the group or giving you a high five at the finish.

The Tinker Classic Gravel Party is about bringing together a fun group of riders to tackle a day of riding gravel and sharing stories post-ride. The goal has always been about having fun and meeting a 2-Time Olympic Champion and Mountian Bike Hall of Famer Tinker Juarez.

Gravel riders of all ages and abilities will be able to set out on a 45-mile ride through the remote roads of Death Valley National Park and finish their day at the Spicer Ranch where homemade taco's, cold beer, shade trees, and cool grass will be waiting. The Venue will have a host of vendors with demo bikes so you can try out the 100's of miles of single track and gravel just outside of the ranch. As the afternoon winds down we will hold the traditional Ranch Games and Raffle where we will give out a bunch of amazing swag and homemade goodies ( everyone wants a chance at the Bike Pillows).

Tinker Classic and is limited to only 300 gravel enthusiasts. You can choose from just the ride or an all-access pass for camping, showers, beer, and meals. Plan a weekend for the whole family and join us for a weekend in the sun..

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