UNBOUND Gravel XL Training Camp 2021 Shipping


Emporia, KS 66801


03/25/2021 - 03/28/2021

BikeFlights is proud to offer bicycle shipping services to Unbound Gravel XL Training Camp. This camp is about personal growth and self-challenge…with a whole lotta fun mixed in. Push your mind, body and spirit to the limit to help you prepare for the grueling 350 mile race. Your potential is boundless!

To ensure your bike, wheels and gears receive the highest level of monitoring on their way to and from Unbound Gravel, please book your shipment below. We've pre-populated a suggested ship-to location (simply click the drop down arrow next to the "Ship To" field) and suggested shipping dates.

The event’s partner bike shop, Gravel City Adventure and Supply Company, is available to receive your bike. Gravel City will be offering additional services, separate of shipping, such as assembly or disassembly and packing, through the Build & Box Service Package that should be purchased prior to shipping. All bikes must be received at Gravel City by March 22, 2021.

Learn more about event shipping.

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