La Grind


Elmdale, KS


05/02/2020 - 05/03/2020

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La Grind is the only one of its kind; a fully supported gravel stage race, which takes place in the iconic Flint-hills of Kansas. Ride La Grind's sought after terrain and scenery for 153 miles, over a 2 day period while receiving supplies such as race nutrition, water, and snacks at each rest stop. The proceeds for the race will benefit the non profit Handlebars of Hope, where transportation is provided for people locally, as well as people in Mexico, on annual mission trips.

La Grind is also proud to offer an equal cash payout of $6,500 between the top A-class categories.

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  • High Gear Cyclery, Inc. (620) 342-4977 Cost is $140.00 for unpacking/assembly/tune up and cleaning and repacking of one bike.
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