Ossian Giant Gravel Grinder Featuring Jeremy Powers 2019

Join 4-time National Champion Jeremy Powers and national fan favorite, Anthony Clark of Squid Squad as they take on the Elite field of The Giant.

With fields for racers of all abilities, the Giant is back with a new courses for 2019 as we continue to showcase the gravel mecca that is Swain, NY. The 2018 version was a muddy master piece as it truly tested the limits of even the toughest riders, and this year's course will no doubt do the same but with new roads, new features, new swag courtesy of Castelli and all the same great support from Bike Loft East and Sam Patch Promotions, Inc.

In addition to stellar race options, we will host a pre-ride Friday night party for early arrivals and a post-race bash at Swain's Shawmut. We will also have Heckle Wagons available for the the race so bring your friends and family to hitch a ride on our buses as they get chauffeured around the course for a spectator rolling party.

Following all the fun on race day, join Powers and Clark for a breakfast, a recovery ride of 20 miles on a different course than Saturday, and a post-ride lunch on 4/14 to help us raise money for local junior development.

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Swain, NY

04/13/2019 - 04/14/2019

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