Philly Bike Expo Shipping Guide


Philadelphia, PA


11/02/2019 - 11/03/2019

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The Philly Bike Expo celebrates the bicycle like no one else. Now in its 10th year, the Expo offers inspiration, information, and entertainment to cycling aficionados and novices alike. Held at the PA Convention Center, the Expo features exhibits by artisans and manufacturers from around the country and the world, demos, workshops, seminars, kids activities, and a spacious indoor test-ride area. Rides, food, and parties round out the fun-filled weekend.

If you are an exhibitor looking to ship directly to the venue, please consult the official Philly Bike Expo Exhibitor Kit.

We've pre-populated a suggested ship-to location (simply click the arrow next to the "where are you shipping to" field) and suggested shipping dates. The suggested ship-to location is only to be used by exhibitors who have consulted the above-linked Exhibitor Kit.

You do not have to ship your bike to our suggested location on our suggested dates; you may ship instead to your hotel, a friend's house, a partner carrier holding location or another local bike shop (please call ahead). You may also manually enter different ship dates to better suit your itinerary. You are responsible for getting your bike to/from these locations and assembling and disassembling it or getting help from a local shop. Please note that if you ship your bike to yourself in care of any partner carrier location, you will have to present an ID when picking it up there.

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