Rooted Vermont x NAA Women's Gravel Retreat 2019

Rooted Vermont and Network for Advancing Athletes bring you this two-day women-only gravel retreat June 15-16 in northern Vermont, where you can connect with NAA mentors, make friends, and strengthen gravel-specific skills in a relaxed (dare we say silly) and supportive atmosphere. Whether you’re new to riding bicycles or you’ve been riding your whole life, we can help you raise your game and get more out of your riding. NAA mentors are current or former pros, but every single one of these women started with ZERO experience. That's why, regardless of where you are on your path in cycling, NAA mentors have probably experienced similar challenges and can help. They are here to meet you where you are! More importantly, these women are some of the kindest, most approachable human beings you'll meet, and they want to help you.

Why gravel? As the fastest growing niche in the broader sport of cycling, gravel offers unique benefits. Gravel roads tend to be "the roads less traveled," where you can take in remote landscapes with fewer cars and more natural beauty. Ted and Laura King are such big fans of gravel riding that they're hosting a whole event devoted to gravel, in what is arguably the gravel motherland: Vermont. The event is called Rooted Vermont and will take place August 3-4. In Ted's and Laura's own words: "The course and the after party have been designed to showcase the way life has always been in Vermont: it’s a place where the value of hard work is upheld and connection to the land is steadfast. When we ride here, the bucolic pastures, verdant mountains, and red barns make us feel deeply connected to something greater than ourselves. The course will challenge you physically while the culture of community here in Vermont will buoy you."

We offer the clinic for free (or for a voluntary donation), and registration includes:

  • Two days of inspiration, connection, guidance, and support from NAA mentors
  • Professional mechanical support
  • Coffee/tea/light breakfast
  • Ride food and hydration
  • Snacks
  • Gift Bag
  • 3 Raffle Tickets
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If you would like to book assembly and packing services before and after Rooted Vermont x NAA Women's Gravel Retreat, please contact the following:

  • Belgen Cycles Limited: Contact Gene Bell via email ( to confirm tracking number and delivery to Belgen Cycles on or prior to Wednesday June 12th. Gene will accept delivery of any bicycles being shipped to the retreat and will provide assembly for $68 - $88 per bike, depending on amount of disassembly. Participants should contact Gene directly to discuss assembly needs and to arrange payment. He will also store bike boxes at his shop for us during the event.
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Richmond, VT

06/15/2019 - 06/16/2019

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