Rusch Academy Gravel Less Traveled 2019

Rusch Academy is for the serious cyclist who doesn't take themselves too seriously. The one who is willing to invest in training that is both exceptional and enjoyable; not necessarily to win championships or set records, but to better themselves, achieve a goal and enjoy the ride more... because sucking wind isn't nearly as fun as hauling ass.

Join professional athlete and adventurer, Rebecca Rusch, and a team of expert coaches for an exclusive group training experience in stunning Ketchum, Idaho.

Are you a Rebecca's Private Idaho first-timer wanting to be confident in your ability to conquer the gravel? Do you just want to get in a good week of endurance riding in the beautiful mountains of Idaho?

At the Gravel Less Traveled camp, you will be led by Rebecca and some of the most experienced coaches and industry leaders in gravel. Camp includes guaranteed entry for RPI 2019, ASSOS jersey, GU energy nutrition during camp, and assistance developing a training plan to make sure you will be ready for ride day on September 3rd or whatever goal you are aiming for. Be prepared for multi-hour days in the saddle, overnights in backcountry yurts, navigational challenges and acquiring all the tools needed to prepare yourself for the long haul.

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Ketchum, ID

06/05/2019 - 06/09/2019

  • Sturtevants



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