Saint Francis Tulsa Tough Shipping Guide


Tulsa, OK


06/07/2019 - 06/09/2019

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Saint Francis Tulsa Tough is a unique three-day cycling festival experience for racers, riders, and spectators, all centered in beautiful downtown Tulsa and along the banks of the Arkansas River.

We love cycling and can’t think of a better way to encourage people to have fun and stay active. Saint Francis Tulsa Tough spawned from that love and has grown into an electric, goose bump-inducing spectacle. With three days of criterium races, two days of Gran Fondo rides, and the “come as you are” all-ages Townie Ride, Saint Francis Tulsa Tough delivers the full cycling experience to everyone from training wheel-toting toddlers to elite racers.

We've pre-populated a suggested ship-to location (simply click the map pin next to the "where are you shipping to" field) and suggested shipping dates.

If you would like to book assembly and disassembly services in Tulsa, please contact:

  • Spoke House Bikes
    • Contact: (918) 619-6222
    • Services available include: Receiving, building and re-packing bike
      • Please arrange any and all services directly with Endurance House prior to shipping
You do not have to ship your bike to our suggested location on our suggested dates; you may ship instead to your hotel, a friend's house, a local shipping carrier's office or another local bike shop. You may also manually enter different ship dates to better suit your itinerary. However, if you elect to change the location or dates, then you are responsible for getting your bike to/from these locations and assembling and disassembling it. Please note that if you ship your bike to yourself in care of any carrier hold location, you will have to present an ID when picking it up there.

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