The Werner Cyclocross Camp #3 2019

NOW, with 100% more Jonathan Page!

The Werner Cyclocross Camp returns for it's third edition to kick off the cyclocross season with training rides and skills clinics. This two-day cyclocross clinic is located in the beautiful mountain setting of Banner Elk, NC, at the base of the (in)famous Beech Mountain and is hosted by Kerry Werner, Emily Shields Werner, Jonathan Page, and Jon Hamblen, and also featuring pro cyclocross racers Alex Ryan and Eric Thompson.

Time to dust off those cyclocross bikes, set-up the knobby tires, remove those bottle cages and prepare for an awesome weekend of riding, camaraderie, laughs and gratification. Make this cyclocross season your best yet!

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Event Info

Banner Elk, NC 28604

08/17/2019 - 08/18/2019

  • Headquarters Bike and Outdoor



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