Celebrating 12+ Years Of Bikeflights.com

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JULY 2009

William Alcorn started Bikeflights.com - a bicycle shipping service for all types of riders - while living in State College, Pennsylvania.




We celebrated our first major milestone of
100 bike shipments per month.


September 2011

Bikeflights relocated to Portland, Oregon to open West Coast operations.

April 2013

We attended our first Sea Otter Classic. We’ve been back every year since.


September 2014

We exhibited at Interbike for the first time.

April 2015

We launched our Bikeflights Brand Ambassador Program to help cyclists - ranging from up-and-coming young riders to established pros - more easily get their bikes to events.


January 2016

We kicked off our Buck Up For Bikes Program, to promote more young people and women riding bikes. To date, the program has raised more than $81,000 for organizations like Trips for Kids, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), Little Bellas, the International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) and the Amy D. Foundation.


July 2016

We released our first cardboard bike shipping box after a year of development.


July 2017

Building upon the success of our cardboard box, we launched our second bike shipping box - this one even stronger (and prettier), made of corrugated plastic.

September 2018

After providing shipping services for Interbike Reno, we held our first staff retreat with three days of mountain biking, road riding and storytelling around Lake Tahoe.


January 2019

Bikeflights became the
Official Bicycle Shipping Service of the
Tour de France.

February 2019


Cyclists Served

April 2019


We joined the UPS certified carbon offset program for all customer shipments to reduce the environmental impact of shipping bikes, wheels and gear.


June 2019

We supported and conquered the 100- and 200-mile Dirty Kanza events for the first time in 2019 and since then, we’ve continued to work with and ride Unbound Gravel and Leadville.

July 2019


Celebrating 10 Years Of Bikeflights

May 2020

Bikeflights-QBP Top Shop Program launched to help bike shops become better shippers and expand their services.

October 2020

We launched version 2.0 of our Bikeflights Bike Boxes. The completely redesigned cardboard boxes come in two sizes and make it easier to pack and ship bikes.

July 2021

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September 2021


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