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Thank you to all of our customers, partners and ambassadors who have helped us get to this point. We couldn’t have done it without you.


July 2009

William Alcorn started BikeFlights.com - a bicycle shipping service for cyclists - while living in State College, Pennsylvania.

Fall 2011

BikeFlights.com relocated to Portland, Oregon to open west coast operations.

April 2013

We attended our first Sea Otter Classic. We’ve been back every year since. It’s a great place to catch up with our Ambassadors and watch them compete in various disciplines.

interbike booth

September 2014

We exhibited at Interbike for the first time. Each year thereafter, we regularly competed in the Industry races at CrossVegas and RenoCross...and we've taken home some trophies too!

February 2015

Embodying the spirit of adventure, Epic Rides was a natural fit for our core mission and our first event series partnership!

April 2015

To support cyclists ranging from up-and-coming young riders to established pros as they travel with their bikes, we launched our BikeFlights.com Brand Ambassador Program.

buck up for bikes checks

January 2016

When we kicked off our Buck Up For Bikes Program, our mission was to promote youth cycling participation. To date, the program has raised more than $56,000 for organizations like Trips for Kids, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA), the Amy D. Foundation and Little Bellas.


May 2016

To support aspiring racers of all ages and disciplines across the country, we began our partnership with USA Cycling.

July 2017

Building upon the success of our cardboard box, we launched our second bike shipping box - this one even stronger (and prettier), made of corrugated plastic.

September 2018

BikeFlights.com was born out of a desire to adventure. We held our first staff retreat near Lake Tahoe to adventure together. Three days of mountain biking, road riding, storytelling and creating memories with the whole team.

January 2019

BikeFlights.com became the
Official Bicycle Shipping Service of the
Tour de France.

February 2019


Cyclists Served
kanza lounge

June 2019

We supported and conquered the 100- and 200-mile Dirty Kanza events for the first time in 2019... and we still have the dirt in our bottom brackets to prove it!

July 2019

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