Bike Packing Guide

Follow these step-by-step instruction to keep your bike safe in transit.
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1. Prepare For Packing

Gather your tools, packing materials, bike, and bike box or case. You will need the following to get started:
  • Allen Wrenches
  • Torx Wrenches
  • Foam Tubing
  • Packing Tape
  • Zip Ties
  • Axle Spacers
  • Disc Brake Spacers
  • Accessory Bag (for removed small parts)
  • Wheel Bags

2. Remove Your Pedals

Remove both of your pedals, and place them in your accessory bag.

Your right pedal has a regular thread (counter-clockwise to loosen), while your left pedal is reverse threaded (clockwise to loosen.)

3. Remove Your Wheels

Remove your wheels from your bike.

If your bike has disc brakes, place a break pad spacer in your brake calipers to maintain disc brake separation.

4. Remove Your Disc Rotors

If your bike has disc brakes, remove the rotors from each wheel, and place them in your accessory bag.

5. Remove Your Bottle Cages

Remove your bottles cages, and place them in your accessory bag.

Screw the bottle cage bolts back into the frame.

If your bike has fenders, frame bags, mini pumps, GPS units, or other attachments, remove those as well.

6. Remove Your Bars

Mark your handle bar position.

Remove your handle bars from your stem.

Leave your stem in place to maintain bearing compression in your head tube.

Screw the stem bolts back into your stem.

7. Remove Your Seatpost

Mark your saddle height with tape or a marker.

Remove your seatpost, and tighten your seat collar.

8. Remove Your Derailleur

Remove your rear derailleur.

9. Protect Your Frame & Fork with Foam Tubing

Wrap your entire frame and fork with dense foam tubing.

Secure the foam tubing with zip ties.

10. Protect Your Bars with Foam Tubing

Wrap your fork and your bars with dense foam tubing.

Pad around your shift levers and break levers.

Secure foam tubing with zip ties.

11. Protect Frame and Fork with Spacers

Place and secure spacers between your rear dropouts, and your fork dropouts.

Use pre-cut PVC spacers, plastic spacers (like those used by manufacturers) secured with tape, or old hubs secured with skewers or thru axels.

12. Secure Your Derailleur

Wrap your removed derailleur with foam, and zip-tie it to the inside of your rear triangle.

Secure you extra chain slack with a zip tie, to the chain stay.

13. Secure Your Bars

Rotate your fork 180 degrees, pointing your stem inward towards the frame.

Orient your padded bars perpendicularly, with your brake and shifter levers facing inward toward your frame.

Zip tie your padded bars to your fork.

14. Secure Your Seatpost

Zip tie your padded seatpost to your padded frame - the top tube is a usually a good place.

15. Secure Your Accessory Bag

Zip tie your accessory bag or box to the inside of your rear triangle.

Your accessory bag should contain your disc rotors, bottle cages, pedals, other small parts, as well as your tools needed to reassemble your bike at your destination.

16. Secure Your Wheels in Wheel Bags

Install and secure plastic end caps over your axles and cassette.

Place your wheels into padded wheel bags.

17. You’re Ready To Pack!

Gather all items for packing. You should have:
  • Your padded frame, fork, handlebars, seatpost, and accessory bag.
  • Your two wheels in their respective wheel bags.
  • Packing tape and/or fasteners for your box or case.

18. Secure Your Bike and Wheels In a Sturdy Bike Box, Hard Case, or Soft Case

Place your bike and your wheels in your bike box, bike case, or bike bag.

Utilize all of the accompanying straps, foam blocks, padded sleeves, bungees, and other protective elements included with your packing system.

Close your box and secure with packing tape, or appropriate fasteners for soft cases and hard cases.

19. Shake Your Box

Shake your bike box, hard case, or soft case.

Listen for rattling or clinging of loose items - if anything is loose, reopen your box, then pad and secure accordingly.

20. Remove Old Labels

Remove all shipping labels, stickers, and markings from previous shipments.

If you cannot remove an old shipping label, cover with a blank label or mark out using vertical strokes.

21. Ready Your New Labels

Print three copies of your shipping label - we have emailed you a shipping bundle with all three labels included.

22. Secure Your New Labels

Place one label inside your bike box, bike bag, or bike case.

Secure two labels to the outside of your box, bag, or case.

If you are using a hard case or soft case, secure labels with tie-on tags and zip ties. Tie-on tags are available at your local UPS and FedEx & Print Centers upon request.

23. Ship Your Bike

Drop off at one of our partner carrier locations, or kick back and wait for your pickup!
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