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A CTS training camp is your opportunity to focus on your passion. For a weekend or a week, you get to eat, sleep and train like a full-time pro. Most camps are held at or near CTS Training Facilities, and all CTS camps combine great rides with one-on-one instruction from professional coaches and every training session is fully supported. The hardest part is going home, but you will be a smarter and better athlete when you leave. makes it easy to get your bike to CTS training camps. You can pack your bike yourself or hire a shop from's bike shop finder to pack your bike for you. If you need a box, case and/or packing supplies, check out the store. We’ll pick up your packed bike up from your house or your local bike shop, or you can drop it off at your local UPS Customer Center. Read more about how to pack your bike.

Start arranging your bike shipment by using our rate finder tool below. CTS suggests that you ship your bike to and from one of the ship-to locations we've pre-populated. In the "where are you shipping to" field, simply click drop down arrow for the correct location for your trip's destination.

Then chose the appropriate depart and return dates for your shipment. Please note that you can specify either a "Ship on" or "Deliver by" date on the way there and back. If you select a "Ship on" date, we will calculate when your shipment will arrive; if you select a "Deliver by" date, we will calculate when you need to ship your shipment for it to arrive by that date.

If you need any assistance at any time during the shipping process, please contact Customer Support.

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