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Now that you've decided to ship your frame to us for repair, there's just a few more easy steps to follow to ensure your frame reaches us safely. If your not comfortable with any of the following, please take your bike to a local shop to have the frame boxed up for shipping.

1. Remove all of the components. The little things such as derailleur hangers, BB cups, and internal cabling can stay installed if the damage is not close to the component. Please include the seatpost and clamp if the post is specific to the frame.

2. Protect the frame as if it were new. Use a generous amount of padding secured to the frame and be sure to include dropout spacers or blocks to prevent any damage to the stays. Make sure your frame box is in great shape and pack the frame nice and snug with plenty of material to prevent it from shaking around inside the box.

3. Tape up the box and write your RA# (repair authorization number) on the top flap.

4. Make your shipping label by starting below and send the frame our way! We recommend booking a "round trip" of 2 weeks, just place the return label in the box. If not, your return shipping charges will be added to the final invoice. We highly recommend purchasing shipping protection. Any return shipments scheduled by HEX will be insured.

We'll be in touch to confirm your estimate when the frame arrives to us.

Thanks for choosing HEX Carbon Workshop!

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