High Shipping Volume

High Shipping Volume

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating record-breaking demand for shipping as more people shop online to avoid contact in stores. Carriers are experiencing unprecedented shipping volumes that are taxing logistics networks nationwide and causing delays.

COVID-19 Closures

COVID-19 Closures

State and local COVID-19 pandemic restrictions continue to force many businesses around the country to close. If you need to send a shipment to an area that’s currently affected by government restrictions, contact your recipient before you ship to ensure that they’re open and able to receive your package.



Seasonal weather events such as snowstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes may cause shipping delays. For example, even if you are shipping to or from a warm climate, your bikes, wheels and gear may have to travel through wintry climates en route, or their travel may be impacted as consequences of winter storms in other places propagate through the system.

Other Events

Other Events

Natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes; wildfires; civil unrest; and other disruptions may cause shipping delays. Our top priorities are the safety and well-being of our team members and providing the best service to our customers.

Service Alerts

Suspended Delivery Guarantee

Carriers have suspended their delivery guarantee “for all shipments to any destination, at all service levels” until further notice. Per our Shipping Policy,’s delivery guarantee is also suspended for bikes, wheels and gear that are shipped during a period when our carrier is not providing their service guarantee.


When booking, you may be given a delivery window during which your shipment is likely to arrive. It takes into account these delays which are currently affecting the following areas:

Location Delay (business days)
CA 1
GA 1
MD 1
MO 1
PA 1
AL 1
NJ 1
NV 1
WA 1
VA 1
FL 1
OH 1
CT 1
UT 1
NM 1
AZ 1
OR 1
MT 1
CO 1
WY 1
HI 1
PR 2
AK 1


We have sent your shipment information to the carrier and created your shipping label bundle, which includes your labels plus any other required documentation. We have emailed your label bundle to you and posted it to your account (if you have one), so you may print it directly from your email or from your account.

It may take up to 24 hours for your shipment’s tracking to update after pickup or dropoff. If you do not see updates to your shipment’s tracking for over 48 hours after the date that you believe your package shipped, please contact your sender to confirm the ship date. If it has in fact shipped, please contact us (not the carrier) for assistance.

Your shipment’s tracking shows that it has been successfully picked up by the driver. It will then be taken to the local carrier center where it will be sorted and sent on its way. If in fact your shipment has not actually been picked up, please contact us (not the carrier) for assistance.

Your shipment is on its way to its delivery address. It could be in a vehicle or on a plane or train, or it could be at a carrier location en route. It does not necessarily mean that it’s physically moving at the time of the scan.

Shipments are scanned at varying points from pickup until delivery, and tracking is updated upon each new scan. It is not unusual for a shipment to go more than 24 hours without a new tracking scan while en route, especially while on a truck during a long transfer, such as when it’s traveling cross country. We monitor all shipments from pickup to delivery. If you are concerned about how long it’s been since your shipment’s last scan, please contact us (not the carrier) for assistance.

Your shipment was scanned for loading onto a delivery truck, and it is out for delivery by the end of the day. If the delivery location is closed, or a signature is required and no one is available to receive it or sign for it, delivery will be re-attempted during the next business day. If you need to make alternate delivery arrangements, please contact us (not the carrier) for assistance.

Your shipment was delivered. Typically, shipments are left at the front door for residential deliveries and in designated receiving areas for business deliveries.
In the interest of employee and customer safety during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our carrier has temporarily adjusted its Signature Required guidelines. Recipients no longer need to sign for Signature Required deliveries; however, the driver will still need to make contact with the recipient. The recipient must, at the time of delivery, acknowledge that UPS is making a delivery and, if applicable, show a government-issued photo ID.

Something unexpected has occurred that may delay or prevent delivery of your shipment. It does not mean that your shipment will definitely be delayed.
There are many reasons that a delivery may be delayed or prevented. Some examples include that mechanical or operational issues have occurred; a delivery location is closed; no one is available to receive or sign for your shipment; customs has requested an inspection or clarification; or weather conditions have affected delivery. In most cases, delivery will be automatically rescheduled for as soon as possible. Rest assured that we are monitoring all shipments for delivery exceptions and communicating directly with the carrier to complete delivery. If you are concerned about the delivery of your shipment, please contact us (not the carrier) for assistance.


Be aware of scammers who pretend to be and send you fake tracking messages in an attempt to get payment from you or access to your personal information. Scam messages can come via email, phone or text.

Here are five things to look out for:

  • Email addresses that don’t come from
  • Site links that don’t go to
  • Urgent requests for payment or account information.
  • Unexpected attachments.
  • Awkward-sounding messages with incorrect grammar or spelling.

If you have received a suspicious email, phone call or text, please report it to

Learn more about protecting yourself from scammers.